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Lighthouse Home Inspections is licensed, certified, and insured to provide comprehensive home inspection services in and around the DFW Metroplex area.


Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Are you buying a home? A home is probably the largest purchase you will ever make, so it is important to understand the condition of your investment. When buying a home, you should always have a professional home inspection performed. It can identify potential issues and give you a better idea of the ongoing maintenance the property will require. You need to know exactly what you are getting.


Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Are you selling your home? Have it inspected before you even list it. Home inspections aren’t just for home buyers. A move-in certified seller inspection alerts you to any defects or problems with your home so that you can address them before prospective buyers discover them. When a prospective buyer discovers problems it can lead to time delays, added expenses, and even derail a deal altogether.

Home Maintenance Inspections

An annual home maintenance inspection will help to identify potential problems before they can become major financial or safety issues. A trained eye will know exactly where and how to look for problems that might go unnoticed for years. A home maintenance inspection covers common problem areas including the roof and attic, basement and foundation, grading and drainage, electrical systems, water heating systems, and much more.

11th Month Warranty Inspections

When you purchased your newly constructed home, chances are you entered into a secondary agreement with the builder, who offered you a 1-year warranty on all systems and components of the home. A warranty inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of the interior and exterior of your new home and its major systems and components. It’s conducted during the 11th month of your occupancy – before your builder’s warranty expires.


New Construction Inspections

You may think since a home is newly built, it must be perfect. This isn’t always the case though. With so many people working on a home and with so many components to the actual construction, mistakes can be made. No home is perfect but it’s important to know which aspects of a home are worth repairing and which are deal-breakers. A new-construction home inspection can provide key insights into the home’s construction, as well as a chance to prevent costly repairs later on down the line.


Rental Property Inspections

As a landlord, performing property inspections is an important part of your job. A rental inspection protects your property from undetected maintenance issues that can cause you a lot of stress and cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. A good landlord-tenant relationship involves cooperation and communication, and this especially applies to handling a rental property inspections. A rental property inspection is often conducted while the property owner and the tenant are present, so they are both informed of any issues or concerns that arise.


Irrigation System Inspections

Most homeowners don’t think about their lawn’s sprinkler system until there is a problem. Many sprinkler systems are programmed to run at night or early in the morning when problems can go undetected for some time. A broken sprinkler head can cost you hundreds of dollars on your water bill. Even worse, sprinkler heads that are not set properly can spray water onto the house and on surfaces that can cause damage over time. A sprinkler system inspection is a cost-effective way to ensure that your irrigation system is doing its job without creating headaches for you.


Pool & Spa Inspections

Swimming pools and spas are a lot of fun, but with that fun comes additional maintenance and potential hazards to consider. Whether you’re about to purchase a new property or already have a pool of your own, getting a regular pool and spa inspections can save you money and time later on. There are a lot of elements and maintain that work together for your swimming pool or hot tub to function properly, like appropriately using chemical treatments to safely operate heating and electrical systems.


Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging, also called infrared home inspection, uses a special infrared camera to detect differences in temperature across a surface. These tools see the light that is in the heat spectrum. Images on the video or film record the temperature variations of the building’s skin. Thermal imaging is incredibly effective for identifying problems that are hard or impossible to see with the naked eye, like moisture issues, electrical problems, and even areas where energy loss is occurring.


Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection

WDO is an acronym for Wood Destroying Organisms. When people hear the word “wood-destroying organism,” most of them immediately think of termites. This is a great first guess – especially since termites damage over 600,000 American homes yearly. In reality, these tiny bugs fall into a subgroup of WDOs known as wood-destroying insects. They share this title with carpenter bees, powderpost beetles, carpenter ants, and other pests.


Well & Septic Inspections

A comprehensive well or septic inspection can be performed on any system and are most commonly performed at residences. A well or septic inspection is a thorough evaluation of the current condition of your system, along with a complete inspection report detailing the findings. Having your well water tested is essential since you utilize it as your daily source of drinking water. A sewer scope camera is used to detect any clogs, cracks, or abnormalities within the system.


Pest Inspection Network, Inc.

Lighthouse Home Inspections (TPCL# 0888853) is proud to be partnered with Pest Inspection Network, Inc. (TPCL #783068) which provides us the opportunity to deliver qualified WDO inspections.
Pest Inspection Network, Inc.
P.O. Box 700906 – San Antonio, TX 78270
(210) 559-3929


Water Quality Test

FHA Testing: This test meets the requirements for FHA water testing before home purchases. It tests for Total Coliform, E.coli, Iron, Lead, pH, Turbidity, Nitrate, Nitrite and Total Nitrate/Nitrite.

Basic Testing: Tests for 53 Substances. The Basic Water Test covers essential water contaminants and attributes needed to get a general overview of your water quality. If you don’t suspect a major problem with your water but you want to be sure, this test should be all you need.

Premium Testing: Tests for 113 Substances. The Premium Water Test is designed to check for a wide range of natural and chemical contaminants, including cancer-causing contaminants. If you have never had this type of test done or live near any gas stations or commercial properties, we strongly recommend having this done. It will give us a tremendous amount of information to help you feel great about the quality of your water.


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